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if you use the bible as an excuse towards being anti gay dont forget that:

  • shrimp
  • pork
  • obesity
  • torn clothes (like ripped jeans)
  • wearing clothing made from 2 different fabrics
  • cutting your hair
  • shaving
  • tattoos
  • and working on Sundays

are all listed as abominations in the bible as well


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why are college and university textbooks so expensive, i could have bought four dogs instead of the textbooks i bought for this semester. and thats just sad. because now i’m broke, i have readings to do, and i don’t have four dogs. 

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remember when ryan seacrest tried to high five a blind guy


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Anonymous asked: im gay i have a tiny dick and im a professional super smash bros melee player would u date me

yeah, sure

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Make up tho
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Make up tho

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